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About Me

About Ali
I don’t only love to use my planner for to do list, I love creating for other planners!


My Journey to Creating

I grew up in a house full of art and creativity, my parents met in art school! I always loved to draw, took all the art classes, and wanted to follow in my parents’ footsteps but never felt good enough to make it a career.

As life went on, I met and married my biggest supporter, had 3 kids, went to college, and lost my creative spark.

Life was so busy and thenI found planning! I picked up my first paper planner in 2017 and never looked back. I joined the amazing planner community online, bought every sticker I could get my hands on, and made life long friendships along the way.

Using my planner functionally and decoratively brought me back to creating. I felt the need to return to art. I dabbled in Procreate,learned hand lettering, and found myself again. It’s been 4 awesome years of finally feeling like more than a wife and mom again.


Starting My Shop

2020 was rough, for everyone. Being stuck at home with 3 kids for a year made me seek out new ways of finding myself. I discovered a planner/creative journal hybrid and started memory planning. I found myself craving more forms of expression and a desire to create more than art in my planner. I wanted to build something bigger for myself and my family.

When thinking about how to build a business and love it I naturally turned to my two favorite pastimes: art and planning! So, in March of 2021 I launched to create and sell decorative and functional stickers for everyone!


Thank you!

I appreciate you visiting my website and placing an order. Your support encourages this mom/planner/artist to continue her journey in creating. I design every sticker myself, they are guaranteed exclusive, original art that you can’t find anywhere else. I put my heart and soul into every one!

Thank you for your purchase! Don’t forget to tag/mention on your socials!